Pertitschach 36
9074 Keutschach/Austria
T: +43 (0)664 619 7045


SANISTRA was founded with the objective of returning companies in crisis, whose going concern is (acutely) threatened, back to the road to success through active involvement and guidance.  Our core business is the conception and operational implementation of reorganization measures designed to sustain the going concern of a company and to support the strategic development of the company after it has been successfully stabilized.

No reorganization without realization/implementation
The most effective manner in which to realize reorganization measures is to implement sustainable and successful changes through leading by example and acting as a role model!  Ranging from purchasing negotiations, employee reviews to cold calls to build up the sales pipeline -the SANISTRA reorganization team leads by example by actively implementing the solution steps which ultimately culminate in the company turnaround.  It is our experience that acceptance, motivation, and executives and employees whole-hearted buy-in can only be achieved through this approach.

Investors as essential cooperation partners
If one of the many intentions of a reorganization project is the reestablishment of company credit, portfolio performance, or exit this requires close collaboration with the -investors throughout the entire process.  SANISTRA places great emphasis on direct and open communication, and a positive work environment.  In particular in a crisis the ship's passengers’ commitment is required to ensure the effectiveness of the helmsman's new direction.  In this process bundled knowledge and intense commitment are essential in achieving a timely turnaround.


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