Pertitschach 36
9074 Keutschach/Austria
T: +43 (0)664 619 7045


SANISTRA's highest objective is to effect sustainable earnings performance increases and the long-term safeguarding of the economic viability of companies.  

The basis for this is the targeted activation of all levers which positively affect the bottom line, to have an immediate and perceptible effect on the optimization of the operating results.
„Day to day results are the measure of our work, the source of your success and is that which differentiates us in the market.

We deliver universal/holistic company reorganizations for our customers.  The consistent implementation of all reorganization measures is the driving force behind the consistent improvement of the company position.  Our core involvement is illustrated by our initial analysis which generates transparency followed by the close relationship and involvement of SANISTRA with the entrepreneur and his/her team, culminating at the point sustainable result improvement becomes evident.

Our reorganization consultants from the SANISTRA core team and our interim managers are experienced professionals with longstanding experience in reorganization projects.  This vast experience in operational management and restructuring puts us in a position that we can work on the basis of success related remuneration models – because we know the difference between notes on paper and implementation and realization that becomes reality!

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